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For Immediate Release: December 27, 2007

Central Boiler E-Classic Outdoor Wood Furnace Meets Emission Requirements for 2010 Clean Air Regulations

GREENBUSH, MN – The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency informed Central Boiler their E-Classic 2300 model outdoor wood furnace has qualified for the U.S. EPA Outdoor Wood-fired Hydronic Heater (OWHH) Program. “In fact, the unit meets the performance level of .32 lbs/million Btu heat output that has been established in Phase 2 of the Northeast States for Coordinated Air Use Management's Model Rule,” the EPA stated. Central Boiler, with a commitment to designing environmentally responsible and industry-leading technologies, is the only manufacturer on the EPA's list of cleaner OWHHs. The Central Boiler E-Classic 1200 model was the first furnace to qualify under the program early this year. The new E-Classic 2300 is larger, cleaner and more efficient than its predecessor.

The E-Classic 2300 shatters virtually every preconceived notion about emissions and efficiencies of wood heating. The E-Classic 2300 can burn wood so completely that its combustion efficiency approaches 100%. With the patent pending heat exchanger, the 2300 produces extremely low emissions per Btu of heat delivered.

The E-Classic 2300 is available with an optional gas burner system that will light the wood fire with a push of a button and can provide heat even if the furnace is not refilled with wood. This furnace offers a cleaner way to provide 100% of the heat for homes, outbuildings, farms and businesses, combining the use of a totally renewable, carbon neutral fuel with the economics of wood, and the safety and convenience of an outdoor furnace. Central Boiler is increasing production and shipments of the E-Classic 2300 due to demand.

“We're proud that Central Boiler continues to lead the outdoor wood furnace industry,” said Dennis Brazier, President and Chief Executive Officer of Central Boiler. “We were the first to produce an outdoor furnace that met the EPA’s OWHH Program and now we have developed an even cleaner, more efficient model. Meeting the 2010 clean air emission requirements so far ahead of schedule demonstrates our technological leadership and commitment to producing environmentally responsible wood burning products.”

Other types of wood heating appliances can not offer all the advantages of an outdoor wood furnace. An economical, environmentally responsible heating alternative, outdoor wood furnaces use a totally renewable resource which, when burned, results in no net increase in carbon dioxide, a major greenhouse gas emission.
Central Boiler is a leading manufacturer of quality outdoor wood, wood pellet and corn furnaces. They have been manufacturing outdoor furnaces for 23 years. Central Boiler has a sales and dealer network established throughout the United States and Canada.  For more information on the company and its products, please visit centralboiler.com.
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